Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to set up a DAO and explore your DAO-curious-side

In the past 6 months, we've hit a DAO inflection point.

A couple of months ago, I (Julia Lipton) sent out this tweet to create a crowdsourced DAO market research doc.

Together, the internet crowdsourced 40+ DAO tools, 80+ DAOs, and 30+ high-quality DAO writeups.

Today, I get a few DMs a week from founders launching new DAO tools. The ecosystem feels exponential and it’s hard to know where to start. Even our crowdsourced list of DAO tools is overwhelming.

Crowdsourced DAO Tools (partial list)
Crowdsourced DAO Tools (partial list)

The DAO Masters site will go beyond the spreadsheet and help people set up DAOs.

This project was inspired by Makerpad. Makerpad helped demystify no-code tools and accelerated the no-code movement. We aim to do something similar for DAOs. You can imagine a site that looks like a slimmed-down version of Makerpad’s.

Tools for each use case
Tools for each use case
How to use each tool, including key use cases and tutorials
How to use each tool, including key use cases and tutorials

The DAO Masters site will include:

  • A list of the top 20 DAO tools available. Including, tools for how to:
    • Mint an ERC-20 Coin
    • Set up an entity (including a Wyoming LLC)
    • Set up a gated discord
    • Manage your treasury
    • Manage voting (and the different voting systems: quadratic & 1 token, 1 vote)
    • Pay employees
    • And much more...
  • Video demos of each tool and write-ups
  • The ability to review and rate each tool

Why is this project important?

DAOs are a new way to collectively organize, create value, and capture value. Many of us are interested in DAOs because they’re a more flexible way to work. They encourage collaboration and offer project contributors upside.

Image from Linda Xie’s post on A beginner’s guide to DAOs - it’s worth a read!

DAOs appear to be at a major inflection point. Deep DAO shows that as of Sep 1, 2021, DAOs had $9.6B in AUM.

If you’re interested in DAOs, now is an exciting time to get involved. It’s still super early and we’re learning together fast.

Who’s involved in this project and how can I get involved?

I’ll take point on finding the right collaborators to get v1 launched. Steven Echtman, from DAOists, is helping PM it.

If you want to get involved with DAO Masters, contribute to this campaign or apply to contribute to the project here. We’re looking to build and launch in a month. For this project, we’ll hire the following contributors:

  • Designer - We’re going for something clean, educational, accessible, yet fun and exciting. Some sites we like include ForeFront, Solana, and Rainbow. It should be simple with a clean UX.
  • Developer - We’ll need an easy-to-use CMS that doesn’t require someone technical to update and add content. I’m biased towards using Webflow, but flexible here. You must love implementing good designs.
  • Product write-ups - If you’ve used DAO tools, we’d love for you to contribute. We’ll standardize the write-up structure. Each will include a brief tool overview, feature list, what’s cool about it, and pro tips.
    • *If you’re working on a DAO tool that’s used by multiple DAOs today, and you want to own your page, DM me.
  • Tutorial videos - Like Loom video walkthroughs? Are how-to-videos your jam? Then this is for you. Got through the process of using the tool on video.
  • DAO curator - We want to make a list of DAO FAQs and research.
  • Other - Have some other magic up your sleeve? Select other and let us know what you want to work on.

Once the crowdfund closes, everyone who holds $DAOMSTR tokens will be invited to join a token-gated Discord. To kick things off, we’ll record videos, create tutorials, and document our process as we set it up the Discord. We’ll attempt to answer questions as we build.

What happens after we launch the site?

After we launch the site, we’ll hand over DAO Masters to the community. It will be up to you to decide what happens next. If you want to get involved, please reach out! Here are things we’ve considered:

  • Find an owner, community manager, or another group to expand on the project
  • Turn DAO Masters into a DAO that onboards DAOs
  • Create a Discord where DAO creators can support each other with best practices

Thanks, dream team 🦄

Special thanks to the FWB crew that encouraged me to spin up this project, helped edit this post, and is actively jamming on the project. Special shout-outs to FWBers Alexander Klus, Cody McCauley, Ellie Day, Eric Lavin, Fern Gouveia, Jihad Esmail, and Steven Echtman 💕.